Monday, March 25, 2019

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Saturday, March 23, 2019

How to add admob to your Construct 2 game

Now that is dead, we have to use phonegap for admob.

Follow this youtube video instructions:

Download the admob plugin mentioned therein:
Copy the plugin to your Construct 2 plugin folder.


Step 1: Insert admob plugin v 1.0 , also your banner and interstitial ad ids from here:

 Also, in the properties section, set Test mode to True. 

Step 2: Create Admob sheet with these functions:

Step 3: Call your ads in the on start layout event

Step 4: Export a cordova project with these settings:

Step 5:  Delete the config.json file in the exported folder
Step 6:  Edit your config.xml:

Step 7:  Create a github repo and push it there.
Step 8:   Create a new app in your console and insert the github repo .git file ref
Step 9:   Build the apk and transfer to your Android phone

There is a secondary youtube video here:

But it does not work for banner ads because the guy is using AdmobPlugin v1.2

Only v 1.0 works.