Sunday, December 18, 2016

How to create tilemaps from individual png

First download shoebox from:

Then download gimp's David's Batch Processor from:

Use the Batch Processor to resize the individual tiles to 32 x  32.

Then use shoebox to create the tilemap.

Follow the instructions here on how to use shoebox:
Start ShoeBox and perform a right mouse click on "Sprite Sheet" (First Tab) to enter settings. Now choose the "Default" method and change this two values.
Tex Crop Alpha to false
Tex Exdrude Size to 0
Tex Padding to 0
And save your option by clicking "Apply". Now go to your folder with the separated files and drag them into the "Sprite Sheet" tab at ShoeBox.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Special settings for Intel xdk iOS builds

Insert browser object in Construct2 and set to run javascript: "StatusBar.hide();"

This is to hide the statusbar in intel xdk ios build. Then in intel-xdk add plugin:

cordova-plugin-statusbar. Below is the minimum plugins for an iOS build. Note that you do not insert the cordova-plugin-ads-admob here, as that would cause a build fail.

Instead insert this line :

<intelxdk:plugin intelxdk:name="" intelxdk:value="" />

at the bottom of the file: intelxdk.config.additions.xml, like this:

And below is the corresponding plugins in Construct2:

and below is the Construct2 cordova export settings:

Do not use WKWebview on iOS - you will get a blank black screen.

Finally, this is the whitelist setting for intel xdk for iOS under Build settings:

Put an asterisk * in Navigation field.

The above settings all work on iOS 10.0  upto 10.2 as at date of writing.

Cocoon or Intel xdk?

Use cocoon for building android games. It produces smaller files compared to Intel xdk.

Use Intel xdk to build iOS games. It produces smaller ipa files compared to cocoon.

Typical file sizes for apk:

 coccoon  = 8 MB, intel xdk = 25 MB

and for ipa (iOS) :

 cocoon ios = 20 MB, intel xdk = 4 MB

Why Intel xdk apk such big file, because you need to embed crosswalk browser. If you don't use crosswalk, the file will be very small, but virtually unplayable because of unpredictability. You could use shared crosswalk  to reduce the apk, but, that might put off your players who may not like downloading the Intel crosswalk separately (about 25 MB).