Friday, October 14, 2016

Construct2: How to use's Dev App in IOS

1.  Export your Construct2 as cordova app as usual. Then delete the config.xml, as usual and zip it and upload to

2. After doing the settings, click Build Dev App. Download the iOS Dev App

3. Unzip it to get the xarchive file. Use Xcode to export as Ad Hoc app signing it with the ad hoc dev key which you earlier created in the portal.  After exporting you will get an ipa file.

4. Plug in your iPad to your Mac and fire up iTunes.  Drag the ipa file to the Library in iTunes. Then click on iPad device. Goto the list of Apps. Click Install. It will change to "Will Install". Click on Sync button and it will be copied to the iPad. You have now installed the Dev App to your iPad.

To test your construct2 game.

1. Export your construct2 game as cordova as usual. Then delete the config.xml, as usual. Then zip it and upload to your website.  Then get the link to your uploaded file and use an online qrcode generator (e.g. kaywa qrcode) to generate the QR code.

2.  On your iPad, run the Dev App and select URL. Once you tap in the URL selection text box, the Scan QR Code Button will appear. Tap on it and scan the QR code in Step 1 above.

3  Then Select Canvas+ at bottom to open it and run your game.

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