Saturday, December 17, 2016

Cocoon or Intel xdk?

Use cocoon for building android games. It produces smaller files compared to Intel xdk.

Use Intel xdk to build iOS games. It produces smaller ipa files compared to cocoon.

Typical file sizes for apk:

 coccoon  = 8 MB, intel xdk = 25 MB

and for ipa (iOS) :

 cocoon ios = 20 MB, intel xdk = 4 MB

Why Intel xdk apk such big file, because you need to embed crosswalk browser. If you don't use crosswalk, the file will be very small, but virtually unplayable because of unpredictability. You could use shared crosswalk  to reduce the apk, but, that might put off your players who may not like downloading the Intel crosswalk separately (about 25 MB).

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